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Increase productivity

Statistics reveal that 80% of the average workday is wasted on activities of “little” or “no” value.
That leaves a mere 20% for “crucial” and “important” activities.

Time management is critical in overcoming such unimaginably low productivity.

Effective management of multiple activities

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) is specially designed to manage all the varied activities within any big or small law firm, including:

  • appointments
  • managing clients
  • scheduling cases
  • delegating important activities to appropriate staff, and so much more

This ensures every single hour in your law practise is productive.

Peace of mind

Through effective time management, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind – not having to constantly worry whether you’ll miss an appointment or not.

Reminders and alerts will always keep you updated on the most urgent tasks, so you never overlook anything important.

Increased efficiency

Efficiency is particularly valuable for law firms offering pro bono and/or flat fee cases. Proper management is necessary in ensuring maximum efficiency in such forms of legal representation.

Transform your law practise

You can only succeed in transforming the processes of your law practise if you have an effective tool to properly manage the activities in your firm. LDA is that tool.