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Increase profits

Lack of time management forces you to multitask, which can reduce productivity
by as much as 40% (base on research by the University of Michigan).

Hence, the ultimate goal of LDA is to increase profitability
of your law firm by eliminating such forced multitasking.

Good time management means more profitable decisions

Whatever decision you make must be the best possible option; otherwise, your firm won’t be as profitable as it should.

LDA is the perfect tool to help you schedule every important decision-making activity at the most optimal time, when you’re at your full capacity. This way, you’ll make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Schedule more time to more profitable activities

The intelligent time management achieved through LDA enables you to discover opportunities to make more time for the most profitable activities within your firm.

This way, you’ll spend less time on routine tasks as you focus on the more critical aspects that directly impact your bottom-line.

Delegate important tasks to the most capable staff

LDA features options to assign specific tasks to appropriate staff within your firm. With smart time management, you can always select the most capable people to handle your most valuable clients.

You’ll never end up in a situation where the only person you can delegate an important task to isn’t your best possible choice.

Compare tasks based on results

More than simply scheduling your activities, LDA provides accurate documentation of how your time is spent. This data is valuable in comparing the tasks in your firm with results.

By tracking and evaluating the historical record of time use in your firm, you can make better decisions to improve profitability.