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Save Money

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) helps you avoid unnecessary losses,
reduce costs of managing your law firm and avoid time fraud through
proper appointment management for all staff.

Lost time is lost money – avoid it

Remember, you can never recover lost time when you could have done some profitable activity. And considering the running costs of your law firm, that means you’ll have lost money.

Plan for every single second – using LDA – so you don’t waste valuable time to do real work.

Reduce costs of managing your law firm

Maybe the only reason you need more staff is because of your disorganized schedule.

With streamlined processes, you can properly schedule appointments to be handled by fewer personnel, with less effort. LDA’s calendaring feature lets you see exactly how your time is used and opportunities to re-organize your schedule.

Eliminate time fraud

Every member of your team will be notified of appointments, through LDA, so no one misses important tasks.

You can schedule alerts and reminders so your staff make necessary preparations beforehand. Most of all, you can track exactly what each team member is supposed to do every second of the day.

Simplify operational processes

Complex operational processes are often more costly than simple processes. Smart scheduling using LDA ensures your firm eliminates complex processes.

With a proper schedule, you can reduce two or more processes into one simple process. Also, all your client, appointment, staff and other types of data is accessible on one platform.