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Save Time

Do you know, simply investing 10-12 minutes to planning your day will prevent you from wasting
at least 2 hours throughout the day (from “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy)?

Using the Lawyer Diary App (LDA) to plan not just your day, but you entire year or longer,
will radically transform how you do business.

Time for long-term strategies – not just short-term tactics

Every successful firm owes its success to thorough and long-term strategic decisions. However, making such monumental decisions takes time and effort.

That’s why LDA is designed to save as much time as possible, so you’re not caught in the vicious cycle of short term, reactive tactics. Instead, you’ll have more than enough time to:

  • do extensive competitor research
  • analyse the viability of multiple strategies
  • evaluate existing operational processes
  • make future projections
  • prepare 5- and 10-year plans or longer

Do more in less time

The useful LDA features allow you to properly schedule tasks in the most effective way, so you don’t lose even a single second.

Instead of having your tasks scattered throughout the week, you can schedule to complete all those tasks within a day.

More time means less stress

Dealing with multiple activities within limited time is sure to cause stress. Considering the serious health consequences of stress, you must avoid this as much as possible.

Properly organized time through LDA ensures you have enough time for every appointment, for a stress-free environment.