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"Collegium System" in India- A fair reality or a dark truth?

The appointment and elevation of higher judiciary is recommended by the collegium system in India. Should a nod from the executive is necessary for the appointment? Is it not a threat to the independence of judiciary?

'Should Right to Life includes Right to Die’ says Supreme Court

Article 21 of the Constitution of India talks about Right to Life. But right to life also includes right to die? Yes , now the Apex Court has held that right to life also includes right to die with dignity.

Should "Juveniles" be tried and punished as adults?

Juvenile delinquency is one of the most exaggerated problem in today’s world. Everyone is debating whether child offenders should be tried and punished as adults and if the answer to this question is Yes then what should be the relevant age for that and what consequences will the child face.

’Death penalty to Child rapists’, how effective will the new ordinance be?

The central cabinet has approved an ordinance that prescribes death penalty to people who rape girls under the age of 12. But how practical and ‘revolutionary’ it really is?

No more polygamy for Muslims?

A club of petitions has been filed in the Supreme Court asking to declare the practise of Polygamy and Nikah-Halala illegal.

What are the Challenges faced by Indian women legal professionals?

An analysis and summary of the challenges faced by women in legal profession

Can your Pension be held back due to the want of Aadhar?

A Summary of the recent ruling from the Central Information Commission

Is the Supreme Court order on SC/ST Act really as evil as it is being made out?

An analysis and Summary of the Supreme court order on SC/ST act

10 Best Android Apps For Indian Lawyers

A compiled list of 10 best android apps for Indian lawyers.

How Indian Law has changed from the past

Discover the most important milestones in the history of Indian Law.

Benefits of Legal Time Management Software

Top 5 benefits of the modern software that help overcome daily challenges.

Major Problems Within the Judicial System in India

Extensive corruption, numerous pending cases... What are other weaknesses of this governmental institution?

Ram Jethmalani: The Life of India’s Most Famous Defence Lawyer

During his long career, Ram Jethmalani became one of the shrewdest criminal lawyers in India.

Technologies That Changed the Practice of Law

Just as social media, mobile and cloud computing have impacted our social and work life, many other technologies have shaped the practise of law.