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10 Best Android Apps For Indian Lawyers

Today, technology has taken over almost all the professions. Now, pilots can keep their logs online and physicians can suggest patients with a single click on their mobile devices. So, why should a lawyer be an exception here? Yes, shouldn’t be! Today, we bring to you a compiled list of 10 best android apps for Indian lawyers. Read the complete article to know how to use your Android phone to make your lawyer job easier.

1. Lawyer Diary:

We have listed the Lawyer Diary App in the #1 place because it’s not like any regular lawyer app. To put it simply, it’s a perfect blend of a digital diary and a personal assistant. Not only does it watches out the proceedings of the court halls, where your case is being listed but also, it will send you the periodic updates about the status.

What if, we say you will be pre-notified of your cases just before it reaches out to the court hall? Yes, this is possible with the Lawyer Diary app. Moreover, you can always use this app to manage your notes and set reminders.

Furthermore, this app will look out for your case in the cause lists of the high courts and will send you detailed SMS, as well as notifications. So, it facilitates the lawyers to maintain all their case things in one place without any hassle.

2. Indian Laws:

Although the lawyers are studying all about the laws and codes in their law schools, it’s literally impossible to remember all the laws in our minds. For those who struggle to remember all of the thousands of laws and recall them when it’s needed, the Indian Laws app is the solution.

It’s one of the best android apps for Indian lawyers because it comes loaded with both the Indian Penal codes, as well as the Constitutional laws. To make it easier for the user, the app has a search bar, wherein, you can type the name of a law you want to refer. This means that you need not waste any time searching for a law in a book. It’s just as easy as this!

3. Indian Bare Acts:

This app, which is considered one of the best mobile apps for lawyers, will help you leave your bulky law books at home. When it comes to referring the bare acts, you can just use this app at the ease of your fingers. It comes loaded with all the 5 important bare acts.

  • IPC

  • CrPC

  • Indian Evidence Act

  • Code of Civil Procedure

  • Service Tax law

It also talks about these chapters/sections of the bare acts in detail. While going through the app, you can also mark the points using the highlight feature.

4. Online RTI:

As the name suggests, with this best android legal app, you can file your RTIs right from your mobile device. As it is coming with a secured payment gateway, you can make the payment without any hassles. Above all, you can track the status of your application also with this app.

5. Lawyers Club India:

This is another best android app for Indian lawyers as you can receive legal news and updates, with this app. In addition, you can also have your legal queries answered by your fellow lawyers.

The Lawyers Club India application has been accepted as one of the best android apps for lawyers as it also gives access to the articles that are related to current affairs.

Besides this, it also allows you to share your legal files with others, converse with other lawyers through a messaging platform, and a lot more.

6. ScheduLAWyer:

Just like the Lawyer Diary app (described above), this app will work as your work diary. With this app loaded into your Android device, you can stay organized with your appointment schedules, dates, as well as with your case-related information.

Using scheduLAWyer app will help you eliminate the need for maintaining a physical diary at home.

Why we have included this app to the best android apps for Indian lawyers list is because you can add your information to this diary app just by dictating to it. This way, it will reduce your workload, thereby increasing your productivity manifold

Again, this app will send you notifications and/or reminders whenever it’s time for it.

7. Legal Research:

It’s one of the best android apps for Indian lawyers, which help the users create their advocate profiles and search the case law journals.

With the Legal Research app’s advanced search option, your searching process is made easier than ever.

Not only this, you can perform a CaseVoice search to find the eJudgments with the help of keywords.

Thus, it has been tagged as one of the easy-to-use android applications for lawyers in India.

8. Live Law:

It’s considered as one of the best applications for Indian lawyers, who are looking to keep themselves updated with the legal news.

Yes, you guessed it right! Live Law is a comprehensive legal news portal that covers news on the following areas:

  • Indian Courts

  • Judgments

  • Lawyers

  • Law Firms

  • Law Schools

  • Legal Development

9. IPC – Indian Penal Code:

As the name suggests, this android application is all about Indian Penal Codes.

The latest version of the application is giving the user with a good source of reference to Indian lawyers, as well as law students.

There are sections and sub-sections within each chapter to make your search process easier. What makes this the best app is its simple user interface and readable text.

10. CrPC - Code of Criminal Procedure:

This application provides the Code of Criminal Procedure in a friendly UI

The daily notifications, judgments, as well as the news features of the app will make it easy to better understand various sections. This is the best app for criminal lawyers in India to stay updated with various aspects of the act.

So, these are the 10 best Android Apps for Indian Lawyers. Download them today and start kicking your productivity goals as a lawyer.