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5 Top Benefits of Legal Time Management Software

An automated system customized to your specific law firm is sure to provide valuable benefits.
Software that organizes and reminds you of your appointments (legal time management software), in particular,
offers numerous benefits:

1. Avoiding vague, time-consuming emails


Emails have played a critical role in business communication, but they are now becoming more of a burden than a convenience.

Office workers receive more than 200 messages daily, most with vague subject lines, forcing recipients to open and read each one. . And it’s not just the messages, since many emails come with attachments. Hence, reading and replying to such emails takes away time you could use in doing profitable work.

Fortunately, time management software overcomes such a challenge in your legal practise.

Team members attach notes and document related to specific cases within the software. This way, you don’t have to rummage through batches of unrelated emails to find information regarding one case. In the software, you’ll find everything related to a particular case in one place.

Also, the software’s extensive search feature helps you find anything you want fast.

2. Access to case details wherever and whenever

cloud software

Cloud-based time management software lets all your staff access and handle case details from wherever they are, at any time.

Such a feature helps you scale up your operations with minimal interruption. Your staff can conveniently coordinate their activities from multiple states. Even when working across different countries, the deadlines and milestones automatically convert for each time zone.

For a small office, the ability to access case details anywhere gives you greater flexibility to continue working even outside the office.

3. Foster efficient team collaboration

software for collaboration

The traditional way of team collaboration no longer works. Meetings or answering colleagues’ requests takes up 80% of employees’ time.

Time management software offers the perfect alternative collaboration platform, unlike time-wasting meetings. Team members can easily collaborate on multiple cases, sharing documents and real-time updates, without having to meet physically.

In fact time management software ensures regular communication, so every case can be solved without duplication of roles, conflict or wasted time.

4. A digital knowledge base

A digital knowledge base

Documentation and information storage is critical in business development and improvement of organizational processes. Here, time management software serves the dual purpose of not only facilitating communication and project management, but also being a digital knowledge base.

All the notes, appointment details, attached documents and client data can easily be referenced at a later date. Such information can be evaluated and an assessment made on the efficiency of each process involved.

The lessons learned can be applied in future cases, so you can better manage your law firm.

5. Managing risk and litigation


Poor management of cases, leading to such issues as missing important court dates, could turn a simple routine case into a major case of litigation.

To avoid such instances, especially when handling multiple cases, your firm requires a robust legal time management software. Each staff member of your law firm will know exactly what to do at what time and receive alerts so they attend to even the most routine of tasks without fail.

You can keep track of the progress of every case and ensure every responsible staff member fulfills his/ her role.

Clearly, every law firm should utilize time management software to run efficient processes, attend to all critical appointments and successfully handle every case.