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Lawyer Dairy App Features

The Lawyer Diary App has all necessary features to effectively and efficiently handle all your law firm time management needs. Our Legal Advocate Diary Software will make you a better efficient lawyer for sure. Always stay organised with our easy-to-use legal document management app.

Client Case list & tracking

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) adapts to any practice area or law office, so you can easily organize, access and keep track of all your cases.

Detailed client management

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) lets you easily store, organize and find all your clients’ data (cases, appointments, to-dos and notes) in a structured way.

You can manage your client data both on-line and offline. Plus, in a few clicks, the data will be sent directly to your email box.

Alerts & reminders

Using the Lawyer Diary App’s (LDA) alerts and reminders, you’ll never miss an appointment or miss to close an important to-do item on a case.

LDA gives you the confidence that you will never miss anything.

Easy-to-access centralized data

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) operates in the cloud, enabling you to work from anywhere.

Extensive user access management

The extensive options for user access management in the Lawyer Diary App (LDA) ensure confidentiality, especially when dealing with sensitive cases.

Firm-wide & individual appointment management

The Lawyer Diary App’s (LDA) firm-wide and individual appointment management feature delivers smooth workflow in small and large firms.