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Alerts & Reminders

Using the Lawyer Diary App’s (LDA) alerts and reminders, you’ll never miss an appointment
or miss to close an important to-do item on a case.

LDA gives you the confidence that you will never miss anything.

Run a professional outfit, by always being on time

LDA’s alerts and reminders automatically turn your law firm into a professional outfit. Not only will you always be on time for every appointment, but you’ll also be prepared beforehand to handle every activity.

Your clients will have confidence in your ability, seeing how organized your firm is and no activity is left unattended.

Client retention

LDA’s alerts and reminders will ensure you always attend to and give your clients maximum attention. While other disorganized firms are missing important appointments, you’ll always serve your clients without failure, giving them confidence.

This way, you’re sure to retain and attract even more clients.

Avoid staff negligence

Every LDA alert and reminder will be received by the responsible staff. This ensures the to-do item or appointment is urgently attended to.

Your staff can no longer claim to forget important assignments, further ensuring accountability within your law firm.

Ensure urgent tasks are attended to

Without reminders and alerts, you can easily miss critical and urgent tasks, especially tasks that cannot be postponed.

LDA will always be within easy reach – right in your pocket, on your smartphone – so you never miss any alert.