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Case List & Tracking

Your High court cause list is sent daily through SMS or/ and push notifications in iOS and Android devices. The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) adapts to any practice area or law office, so you can easily organize, access and keep track of all your cases.

Focus more on your clients and less on administrative tasks

Instead of spending extended hours on administrative tasks in handling your cases, LDA streamlines and simplifies such tasks so you focus more on your clients.

Document and update every aspect of each case right from your Smartphone, and keep track of the progress on every case your staff is working on.

Deliver excellent legal service in every case

Handling multiple clients can be overwhelming, but LDA ensures you always have all the updated details of every case.

Each case record features important details such as court, advocates, opponents and client details. This also includes notes that can be updated with each new development.

Scale seamlessly

Through LDA’s streamlined case tracking, you’re more capable of handling more cases efficiently and effectively.

This also allows you to increase staff numbers when working with more cases, without experiencing any disorganization in your law firm.

Appoint the most capable staff to each case

LDA’s case list feature has the option to assign specific staff to each case. This ensures you have the best representative for every client you serve.

You can better assign multiple cases to the right staff without any confusion.