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Detailed Client Management

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) lets you easily store, organize and find
all your clients’ data (cases, appointments, to-dos and notes) in a structured way.

You can manage your client data both on-line and offline.
Plus, in a few clicks, the data will be sent directly to your email box.

Custom fields to store all relevant data

LDA’s client management feature has custom fields to capture and store critical data. These include your clients’ names, addresses and state.

The client details are also linked to their related cases and appointments, so you can conveniently track and manage all activities related to each client.

Build stronger client relationships

Always having your clients’ most important details will give them the confidence that you’re fully capable of representing them professionally.

LDA gives you all important client details at the tap of a button. Moreover, such details will be accessible to every relevant staff involved in serving your clients.

Serve your clients better

By having easy access to your clients’ details, and all relevant appointments and cases, you can serve your clients better.

The organized LDA client management feature lets you work efficiently and effectively with every client.

Greater staff motivation and cooperation

Easy access to all necessary client details, through LDA, makes the work of your staff much easier. The app gives convenient access of client details to all relevant staff, wherever they may be. This keeps them motivated to serve clients to their best ability.

A motivated staff means greater cooperation and a more organized and successful law firm.