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Easy-To-Access Centralized Data

The Lawyer Diary App (LDA) operates in the cloud, enabling you to work from anywhere.

Easy data sharing with viewing privileges

Especially when managing a large law firm, LDA’s centralized data ensures easy data sharing with all appropriate staff. The cloud storage allows such data sharing even when your staff is in different locations.

Whenever necessary, viewing privileges for every staff can be changed. This ensures sensitive and confidential data is only accessed by the relevant personnel.

Security plus accessibility

With physical data storage, you only get security, but can’t get accessibility. LDA’s cloud storage delivers both security and accessibility.

Our cloud storage utilizes the highest possible security protocols and contingency measures to ensure none of your sensitive business information and client data is at risk.

Disaster protection

Centralized cloud storage is highly recommended for disaster protection. The data is regularly backed up to ensure zero loss.

You’re always assured of business continuity, since cloud storage safeguards against hardware failure and natural disasters.