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Extensive User Access Management

The extensive options for user access management in the Lawyer Diary App (LDA)
ensure confidentiality, especially when dealing with sensitive cases.

Maintain client confidentiality

The sensitive nature of legal representation requires maximum client confidentiality. This is assured through LDA’s user access management feature. Through viewing restrictions, only appropriate staff can access specific appointment, case and client details.

You’re assured of greater client satisfaction by ensuring strict confidentiality of all their sensitive information.

Delegate to the right staff

Using LDA, you’ll give your staff an easier user experience, since you can restrict their view to only tasks that they need to attend to. This way, no one would be distracted by other tasks to be handled by other staff, but only concentrate on and get alerts of activities that each app user should handle.

Once tasks have been completed, they can be removed from view of your staff, so the staff can focus on other pending appointments and reminders.

User access management enhances data security

Apart from security of data from external factors, through cloud storage, viewing restrictions further safeguard your data within the law firm. Such user access restrictions mean not just anyone can access your firm’s data without your permission.

Even in the unlikely event that certain user accounts are compromised (perhaps, if a member of staff isn’t careful with account passwords), the amount of information accessible would be limited to only that user’s viewership restrictions – not all the data.