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Firm-Wide & Individual Appointment Management

The Lawyer Diary App’s (LDA) firm-wide and individual appointment management
feature delivers smooth workflow in small and large firms.

Streamline your law firm

Effective appointment management through LDA ensures no time is wasted and your human resources is fully utilized attending to all appointments. Also, you’ll never experience a situation where you have to postpone or fail to fulfil an appointment due to a disorganized schedule.

Your firm will run continuously without a hitch.

Appointment alerts and up-to-date notes

Alerts and notes for appointments in LDA keep you up-to-date.

The notes will also provide valuable feedback as the attending staff handle their assigned appointments and document important notes concerning the appointments.

Sync your firm and staff schedules

Firm-wide scheduling allows you to make proper appointment schedules that match the schedules of your staff.

This ensures minimal conflict and smooth working environments.