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How Lawyer Dairy App works

The Lawyer Diary App offers a simple, clear and beautiful user interface.
It provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step process from registration to legal services, appointment scheduling,
and alert and reminders.


The Lawyer Diary App has a simple and secure registration, featuring several personal identification details and email authentication for security of the account.

Once registered, you’ll get login options for an individual law office or a large law office.

Using the app:

Within the app, you’ll find options for notes, to-dos, case list, calendar view, appointments and data management.

Select the option you want and start updating the necessary information.

Required details

For the best use of LDA, several important details are necessary:

Case list and tracking:

Multiple online case status options are available in tracking and listing cases, including:

  • Case list options (case page notes, case page general information and case page to-do)
  • Edit case options (open, transferred and disposed)
  • Case search by case type, case number, case year and client name


The calendar shows appointments on calendar view and a list of appointments.

The calendar view also features to-dos, and cases for today, tomorrow, this week and next week.

Notes options:

You can view a list of all notes or a single note page.

Notes can have images and text.

A convenient search option for notes is also available.

To-dos options:

You can view a list of all to-dos or a single to-do page.

You can set an alert for to-dos.

Administrator privileges

The options available to an LDA administrator to edit account settings include: my account, change password, permission settings, account management, notifications, and export data to email.

The law office account owner/admin can create accounts for other staff and law clerks.

Also, an admin can manage the master data (judge, client, court, other party, opposite advocate, and office staff).